How a Singapore Registered Company Can Help Your Business Go Global

Is your business ready to expand its operations? Are you hoping to generate more international funding for a startup? Are you planning to magnify your market reach? Starting a business in Singapore may be the perfect solution if your company is looking to go global. Singapore’s stable and competitive  political, economic and financial standing in the Asia Pacific and the entire world makes it a perfect destination for foreign trade and investment. The vibrant city-state has constantly been recognised as a global force to be reckoned with especially in terms of business.


Among the abundant reasons why entrepreneurs who want to go global will find it highly beneficial to establish their business presence in Singapore are the following:


Singapore is a gateway to the Asian market. Many international brands are expanding business operations in Asia to tap its wealth of consumers, low cost of production and competitive labour force. What better way of tapping this gold mine of opportunities than setting up a business in Singapore? Strategically positioned right in the heart of Asia, entrepreneurs who put up a business in Singapore can enjoy a unique leverage of seamless connectivity to the incessantly flourishing Asian market.


Singapore offers the best business environment in the world. Yes, you read that correctly. Singapore currently holds the top spot for having the most corporate-friendly environment around the globe. Businesses incorporated in Singapore have access to transparent government policies, stringent corporate law enforcement, competitive tax schemes and solid Intellectual Property protection.


Singapore has the highest investment potential worldwide. The city-state has recently topped the list of fifty (50) investment destinations around the globe based on the study conducted by the renowned research organisation, Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI). This gives entrepreneurs an access to more potential investors. This is especially important since insufficient funding is one of the most common quandaries for any start-up business. Businesses incorporated in Singapore have a higher chance at getting potential business investors.


Singapore has a skilled and productive workforce. Any successful international business has a competent staff backing it. If you are looking to expand your business operations and tap international markets, you will need the right set of people to represent your firm. Singapore’s highly productive and skilled workforce can compete with the demands of any industry.


Singapore offers a smooth incorporation process. Singapore has consistently been hailed as the easiest place to conduct business in. In a nutshell, government agencies have eased up the process for registration, incorporation of firms, tax filing and request of permits to both local and foreign entrepreneurs by making most of its services available online. Through this, entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up a business in Singapore have a ready access to all the information they need from Singapore company formation to generating fund support, non-financial assistance and other aspects of setting up and sustaining a Singapore business. To further ease up your incorporation process, one can choose engage the help of a professional services firm.


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