Nominee Director Singapore

Nominee Director Singapore

Nominee Director Singapore

According to the Singapore Companies Act, a company director is one of the main requirements in registering a company in Singapore. There must also be at least one local company director must be ordinarily resident in Singapore. The following individuals are considered ordinarily resident in Singapore, permanent residents, and EntrePass holders. For companies that are wholly owned by foreigners, a Nominee Director can be appointed to satisfy this statutory requirement.


What are the qualifications of Singapore Company Director?

– Must be at least 18 years of age upon appointment

– Must not have any previous record of fraud, bankruptcy declaration, or malpractice in conducting business


Engage our Nominee Director Services

We provide Nominee Director Services to foreign entrepreneurs who are looking to incorporate their business in Singapore.

The appointed Nominee Director will be handling a non-executive position. This means that there will be no management, operational or financial responsibilities in the company. Hence, in order to engage our Nominee Director Services, your company must appoint 2 other qualified Company Directors who will take on the responsibility of running the business.

The appointment of our Nominee Director services will be subject to the agreeable result of “Know-Your-Client” due diligence which will be performed by our compliance team.

Our Nominee Director annual fee is S$3,500. We also require a security deposit of S$5,000 which will be refunded accordingly once our Nominee Director services are terminated.


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