Singapore included in Seven Wonders of Cities 2015

Singapore included in Seven Wonders of Cities 2015

Singapore is one of the newest cities to enter the anticipated Seven Wonders of Cities list for 2015. The Seven Wonders of Cities is a yearly declaration of the world’s best city tourism destinations. Facilitated by the same organisation behind the famous 7 Wonders of the World which was initiated as a way of protecting and promoting the world’s most famous historical landmarks, Seven Wonders of Cities has a similar objective—promoting top cities around the globe. The category is filed under the organisation’s ‘Special Collection’ that gives recognition to manmade and natural wonders worldwide. Other categories include Seven Wonders Bridges, Seven Wonders of Washington, Seven Wonders Volcanoes, and Seven Wonders Mountains.


Five of the original “wonder cities”—New York City, Paris, London, Istanbul, and Sydney—remain in this year’s list. Similar to its ranking last year, New York City received the most number of votes deeming it the best city in the world. Second in the list is London which also retained its original ranking. On the other hand, Rio de Janeiro and Bangkok, both part of the original list, are ousted and replaced by two newcomers—Singapore and Japan. The two Asian cities faced tough competition from regional contenders including Shanghai, Dubai, and Hong Kong.


Originally, the decision for nominating and choosing the Seven Wonders of Cities was based on statistical significance and a review of various travel polls which looked at each city’s accomplishments, attractions, iconic landmark representation, and overall appeal to the global populace. While statistical significance still played an integral part in determining this year’s winners, public voting mainly dictated which city triumphs as part of 2015’s “Seven Wonders of Cities”.


Global ranking not a foreign concept

Being at the pinnacle of global rankings is not uncommon for Singapore. Many organisations have recognized its excellent approach in different areas such as governance, business efficiency, labour, and overall economic performance over the past years.


Among Singapore’s list of recognition and accolades is being distinguished as the easiest place for entrepreneurs to conduct a business; it also ranked sixth globally as the easiest place to create and start a business, both based on World’s Banks annual Doing Business Report for 2015.


Last year, the Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) Report placed Singapore at the top spot in terms of labour force quality, with productivity and workers’ general attitude towards work as the main factors considered. Meantime, the Global Competitiveness Report ranked the Republic as the third least corrupt economy in the world. It also holds the title as Asia’s most network-ready country according to Global Information Technology Report.


Starting a business in Singapore

More than a tourist destination known for its exquisite cuisine, high quality lifestyle, multicultural crowd, shopping centres, and numerous vacation spots for travelers, Singapore is also a leading destination for investment. Presenting entrepreneurs with advantages such as tax exemption schemes, Government grants, robust intellectual property policies, competitive labour force, and efficient incorporation process, Singapore proves to be a highly viable business location.


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